About us

"Based in Bologna, Italy, Simone Bonazzi is the founder and designer of the genderless outerwear brand 1980 Voguish. Through his upbeat sartorial language, which speaks to discerning fashion lovers as well as stylish youngsters, Bonazzi gets to indulge in two of his biggest passions: music and fashion from the early 80s, which he likes to reinterpret in his innovative, and rather personal, way.

1980 Voguish stands for optimism, effortless elegance and intricate design.

Statement outerwear lies at the essence of the brand, recalling the heady days at Studio 54 and the start of House music, when bold outerwear looks were deemed cool enough to land on the dancefloors of New York, Chicago, Paris and London.

The end of '70s fused disco music with futurism as well as announcing the birth of a new synth and techno sound.

This high-voltage energy combined with a certain downtown nonchalance, informs the esthetic of the brand, which has a hedonistic and refined attitude, perfect for taking center stage at night despite its casual appeal."